We welcome Uematsu-sensei to Sugo Cup 2015

Daihachiro Uematsu Sensei

A story has been told of an event that counts as a turning point in the development of Finland as a great kendo country.

One day back in 1987 Uematsu Daihachiro, at that time 5 Dan and a military attaché of the Japanese embassy in Finland, stepped into a humble dojo and said the now famous words, “I think I can help you”.

Uematsu Sensei, now 7 Dan Kyoshi, started teaching kendo in Helsinki, helped them to create direct connections to Japan and encouraged the Finnish Sensei to start new clubs and subsequently form a federation.

Highly respected Finnish kendo Sensei Markus Frey (7th dan, Renshi) and Mikko Salonen (7th dan, Renshi) were both Uematsu Sensei’s students and we welcome him as our distinguished guest at Sugo Cup 2015.

Sugo Cup 2015



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