We would like to welcome Meijin Budoshop to Sugo Cup 2015.

They will offer a range of quality products during the competitions, with a chance to ask questions, discuss and measure to order bogu or other products.

Meijin Budoshop has kindly also put together several special pre-order offers for all Sugo Cup participants, for collection during Sugo Cup in Malmö, see details below.


Meijin Budoshop is a family company started in 2004, and was previously known as Kendoshop, who has worked tirelessly to establish a solid base of customers worldwide for over a decade. Now in 2015 the new company name is in perfect synch with their current goals to service several budo arts with high quality equipment to affordable prices and reliable deliveries, of course coupled with great customer service.


Personal contact with the manufacturers and direct shipping from factories and workshops cuts down on the environmental impact. Choosing long lasting quality products, natural wooden weapons which are not painted, fixed or bleached with chemicals or toxins all helps minimize the carbon footprint.


Jari Lampinen, Owner of Meijin Budoshop says: “We wanted to renew our company image, distinguish from other companies and change the name to present state. It was challenging to form the new name, because we wanted to ensure that we will keep the quality and service level top – continue for the improvements – and bring to common knowledge our broad selection of products for Japanese martial arts. The word MEIJIN has various meanings; a master, a leader, a winner, important person… All our customers are Meijin – from master to beginner – and we pursue to give our best service to you. One day the beginner might be a master and we want to be part of that journey.”



E-mail: meijin(at)





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