We welcome Izumiko Le Moign and Natsuki Grossin to Sugo Cup 2015

Izumiko Le Moign

Izumiko Le Moign started Kendo in Tokyo at the age of 11 and is now practicing at the well regarded Kenyu Club in Paris since 1996. Izumiko says that kendo is a part of her life and the core of her spirit. She travels a lot and is really enjoying kendo with her European friends. Izumiko is 6 Dan Renshi and we wish her a warm welcome to Sugo Cup 2015.

Natsuki Grossin

Natsuki Grossin holds 5 Dan, and practice at the successful Budo XI in France. She started learning kendo at the age of 4 in Japan where she later competed for the Wakayama Higashi high school.

She has won the French Championships 3 times with the Budo XI team and in 2011 she won the London Cup.

It’s a pleasure for us to wish her welcome Sugo Cup 2015.



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