SKO 2016


On 22 and 23 October a team from GAK Enighet traveled to compete in the 2016 Stockholm Kendo Open Tournament.

Torvald Holst, Po Yee (Amy) Tang, Josefin Rosenhed and Dave Seto  represented Malmö city and the GAK Enighet club. One of Enighet’s newest members, Thuy Luu traveled with us. Thuy was a great team support and our photographer for the weekend.  Thuy travels from Kristianstad to attend practice at Enighet.

For individual matches, everyone performed well above their normal levels.  Po-Yee Tang made it to quarterfinals, but was eliminated by Marianne Skiftesvik of Norwegian national team, who went on to take silver.

Torvald Holst also fought well, but was eliminated by Joakin Stenbom of Linköping, who eventually took silver in the category.

In team matches, a new system was tried for the first time. Teams of 3 members meet each other one at a time, and the winner of each individual match stays in place.  The other team sends a new contestant until they have no remaining players.  In this way, it is possible for a single strong player to eliminate the entire opposing team.

This encourages teams to try to win every match.  If their score is equal at full time, then both players must withdraw. If the score remains even after all three players have  gone, the team captains must compete until a single point score decides the winning team.  It makes for very exciting and fast moving kendo.

The Enighet team of 3 was Rosenhed, Holst and Seto. Po-Yee  Tang was captain of a mixed team with  players borrowed from other clubs.

For our first match, Josefin Rosenhed eliminated by herself, the whole opposing team.

Our last match was against a strong team from Victoria, Australia, who borrowed Joakim Stenbom from Linköping.

This Australian / Swedish team powered through strong opposition  to the finals, where they forced a captain versus captain match with Ren Watanabe of FSKA, who saved the gold medal for Sweden.

To finish the weekend, everyone enjoyed a godo-keiko with our friends from aĺl over Sweden and the visitors from abroad.

Thanks to all of you Enighet members, coaches and instructors who prepared us to compete in Stockholm.

Next event for  Enighet kendo will be the Swedish National Competition, to be held at  Skellefteå Budokan on December 2, 3, and 4.  Look for several members of Enighet to do well at this event.



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